Monday, 5 September 2016

September Update

As with July, trading failed to get my attention in August.  I had a couple of trades, trying to force myself to take interest, but inevitably they ended up losers.  It is now four consecutive losing months for me.  I am hoping with the end of summer, I will get some inspiration to get going again.  I have reduced my trade size again and I am now at my smallest size of the year.  On the plus side, my golf is going very well!

Monday, 1 August 2016

August Update

It has been a while since my last post.  As always around summertime, playing golf and being outdoors has held more attraction for me than trading and blog posting.  My trades have been few and far between...and mostly losers!

So what am I up to?  Back in May I decided that trading multiple markets wasn't doing it for me at the end of busy days at felt too much like a chore rather than the fun it should be.  Perhaps this was linked with my losing interest, who knows.  Anyway, I decided to cut back to only EURUSD and BCO.  I also decided to only trade these two from the long (or 'up') side, so as to keep my decision making minimal.

This hasn't been working too well, with both markets spending more time trending down than up.

With a new month, I am hoping to get back to things when the two markets allow.  I missed the recent rise in EURUSD but have managed to stay out of BCO while it is moving down.

For now, I wait.  Probably a good thing with holidays and lots more golf on the horizon.

Thursday, 12 May 2016

May 12th

I am slowly easing back in to action.  I am increasing my size and have added some capital to my account, so will be treading cautiously.  I have also decided to use two units when entering - one aggressive, one conservative.  This is a test period for now to see how it works.

PipsATRRL/SMarketRisk %Paper Profit
-42-0.55 -0.37 LEURUSD0.50-0.18%
0- - LGBPUSD0.000.00%
-23-0.20 -0.39 SUSDCAD1.00-0.19%
0- - SEURJPY0.000.00%
-16-0.10 -0.19 LBCO1.00-0.10%
0- - LGold0.000.00%
0- - SCopper0.000.00%
0- - LBund0.000.00%
0- - LSoy0.000.00%

Friday, 22 April 2016

22nd April

I guess it had to happen.  Soy finally reversed and took out my stop.  I did OK, getting 3.27% on the trade.  Of course, there is always that regret that you didn't close it out higher.  I also closed my USDCAD trade, for 0.55%.

Next week is my last week before I go on holiday, so I wanted to clear the decks.  I don't like to do it, but I would kick myself if I have a few losers.  I finish April up 3.64%, so some way to recovering from the losses in March.